Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Making Use Of The International Break

I know that many football traders often bemoan the International break due to the unpredictable nature of International teams. How many people really thought England would beat the World Champions Spain?

Well, there are ways to make good use of the International break and the best way is to try out new in-play strategies. We are always trying to adapt and up our game at TFT and there is no better way to try out new strategies then with low stakes on real life in-play markets. Trying out new methods on these markets can often give you a good quick indicator about how succesful they could be and what needs to be improved in order to make it a winning strategy.

Also, during the International break it is also a good time to take stock of how your trading season has gone so far. You will have had a two week break to assess which strategies, methods and services are working for you and this will help you decide which ones you will be carrying forwards going into the rest of the season.

Its good to have a break from the real stuff as it just makes you more raring to go once it does return this weekend. We will now be entering a very busy period with the christmas programme ahead too and so there will be plenty of fantastic trading opportunities ahead!

Keep it green guys!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Total Football Trading Members Area

Things just get better and better round here!

Those who have bought the Total Football Trading package have now found themselves with lifetime membership to our members area which includes access to updated manuals, new BONUS strategies and also our forum. This is at NO added cost!

We have already introduced one bonus strategy for testing and feedback called the "Bronze Goal" method.This is a cheeky little trade that can be done on the half time market. Its incredibly simple and some members have been doing well with it already so there is a lot of potential with this one. There will be plenty more to come in the future and members will access them first!

The Members Only forum has proved to be very valuable too. The TFT community is very small due to the exclusivity of the package but that means it is very focused and the posts are of extremely good quality with some great tips and tricks being shared. We have already had one member share a great low risk Correct Score strategy that can see you pick up profits of a 1000% return on your stake! Another member has been revealing some excellent facts ahead of key premier league matches and all have produced winning bets and trades.So there is an awful lot going on and the value you are getting for a low one-off fee is immense.

So if you would like more information on our strategy package or you want to get in on the football trading action before its too late then click here!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Champions League Day Trades 19-10-11

Hello again. Todays trades are listed below, some really short prices today so I am not expecting too much movement on those. Fingers crossed for another profitable day.

Lay AC Milan @ 1.25 (Exit @ 1.28 +3 ticks)
Barcelona (No Action)
Chelsea (No Action)
Leverkusen (No Action)
Back Marseille @ 2.28 (Exit @ 2.38 -5 ticks)
Lay Dortmund @ 2.22 (Exit @ 2.24 +1 tick)
Back Porto @ 1.30 (Exit @ 1.28 +2 ticks)
Back Shakhtar @ 1.98 (Exit @ 1.99 -1 tick)

Update: Quite a non-eventful day today. The Marseille price drifted and I thought it might too but it was a qualifier for the system to be a steamer which can happen. No gain today but no loss either. Overall, for the trades highlighted live on this blog we are +72 ticks which isnt too bad! I will hopefully do this again on the next round of the Champions League.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Champions League Day Trades 18-10-11

Hi everyone, good to have some proper football back. Here are the trades we are doing. We are sticking strictly to the Champions League where most of the money is tonight. Cant believe the price on Lille to beat Inter Milan but its a qualifier so we will go with it.

Lay CSKA Moscow @ 1.70 (Exit @ 1.80 +10 ticks)
Back Dinamo Zagreb @ 2.54 (Exit @ 2.54 - No Loss)
Lay Benfica @ 2.20 (Exit @ 2.18 -1 tick)
Back Lille @ 2.04 (Exit @ 1.93 + 9 ticks)
Lay Man City @ 1.35 (Exit @ 1.38 + 3 ticks)
Back Bayern @ 1.93 (Exit @ 1.85 +8 ticks)
Lay Man Utd @ 1.23 (Exit @ 1.24 +1 tick)
Lay Real Madrid @ 1.24 (Exit @ 1.24 No Loss)

Update: Turned into a decent day eventually as most of the moves came late in the afternoon/early evening. We made a gain of +30 ticks from these movements. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Champions League Trades - 28th September 2011

Here are the Paper Chaser Pre-match trades we are doing for today. We are putting these up for free on selected days to demonstrate how easy it is to profit with this method. The trades are listed below and we will return at kick off to update the profit and loss.

Back Zenit St Petersburg @ 2.76 (Exit @ 2.70 +2 ticks)
Back AC Milan @ 1.31 (exit @ 1.29 +2 ticks)
Lay Arsenal @ 1.53 (exit @ 1.67 +14 ticks)
Back Barcelona @ 1.18 (exit @ 1.15 +3 ticks)
Back Leverkusen @ 1.34 (Exit @ 1.33 scratch)
Back Dortmund @ 2.70 (Exit @ 2.66 + 2 ticks)
Lay Shakhtar @ 1.64 (Stop loss hit @ 1.58 - 6 ticks)
Lay Chelsea @ 2.66 (Exit @ 2.82 +8 ticks)

Update: As you can see it was a profitable day. Surprisingly, this isnt one of our greatest days as there werent any huge moves of note but a profit is a profit nonetheless. We gained +25 ticks for the day. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Champions League Paper Chaser Selections

For a limited time, will be listing the qualifiers we have found for the Paper Chaser System and then updating with the results of the trades. Hopefully, this will help current members with their match selection and also show those who havent yet signed up just what they are missing out on!

Back CSKA Moscow @ 2.46 (Exit @ 2.50 -2 ticks)
Back Bayern Munich @ 1.81 (Exit @ 1.77 +4 ticks)
Lay Lyon @ 1.49 (Exit @ 1.59 +10 ticks)
Lay Man Utd @ 1.22 (Exit @ 1.23 +1 tick)
Lay Napoli @ 1.95 (Exit @ 2.04 + 9 ticks)
Lay Benfica @ 1.56 (Exit @ 1.53 -3 ticks)
Lay Real Madrid @ 1.23 (Exit @ 1.21 -2 ticks)
Back Lille @ 2.60 (Exit @ 2.60 No profit/loss)

Updated: In the end we were + 17 ticks for the day from these trades so a profit was made. We missed most of the big moves earlier in the day but its important to stick to the system when possible.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How To Trade Football Like a Professional

We take our football trading very seriously and that is the main reason why we make vast profits from trading it. We often hear about novice traders trying to trade football matches simply by looking at the in-play coupon on their laptop, picking a match and trading it whilst eating a curry, drinking a beer and catching up on Eastenders! That might be a slight exaggeration but if you are going to make good money at this trading game then you can’t be casual about it.


You might think that trading on a football match starts as soon as kick off and so you would be surprised to hear that we actually being our trading two or even three days in advance. Every week we look ahead to the main TV Fixtures and other matches of interest and also keep track of the prices from when the markets open.

We will look ahead at team news or anything else which might be relevant and we will normally open an early position on the Match Odds market if we feel the price is wrong. We will then let this trade run until the night before where we close that trade before opening a new position on the morning of the match. This new position is something we like to call a Paper Chaser trade where we jump on a new trend which normally develops on the morning of match day.


When we are trading a football match we make sure we are fully prepared. This author prefers to trade in solitary so I will retreat to my study and fire up my two computers to trade the matches. On one computer I will keep Betfair open along with some trading software whilst the other computer is loaded with statistics and spreadsheets but is mainly used as a back up in case my main computer freezes or crashes. Depending on the time of the match I will normally bring a nice cup of Tea with me or if it’s an evening kick off I will just have a glass of water. Before I trade I will make sure I have a nice meal so I don’t get hungry during the match and miss anything of importance. It is easy to lose your focus when you haven’t eaten or you are feeling dehydrated.

Another important part of preparing is making note of any particular strategies that we feel may be applicable in the match we are trading. After all the research we will start watching the match with a certain expectation of how it will develop and potential strategies we can employ if this happens. If the match starts to take an unexpected route then we just won’t get involved or might reassess the situation at half time.


Once the match begins I like to make sure I am watching it but I will also have other matches that I am not watching but will fancy trading. For these matches, I like to get hold of a stream to keep an eye on the action. I sometimes load up Betfair Live Video or even Bet 365 has quite a lot of action. If it’s a Premier League match then these are harder to come by but its never too hard to find a stream for those matches but I cant state where or how for obvious reasons!

During the match it’s important to keep focus on the task at hand. This author will turn his phone off, and close all Facebook/Twitter tabs on the laptop to make sure I am not interrupted. I used to trade and have Twitter open at the same time to see what other traders were doing but that proved to be too much of a distraction for me. It can be handy for some but I have enough confidence in my own decision making ability and I like to be in my “zone” when trading football.

So that’s how a professional approaches trading football on Betfair. If you aren’t making consistent profits from football trading then you should examine your approach and see if you are cutting corners somewhere as you more then likely are!